Ezekiel Sermon Series

Yesterday I finished my three-week series on the book of Ezekiel at Mosaic.  It was definitely a privilege to be able to preach while Kris was out of town, and the experience taught me a great deal.

I have a tendency to be exceedingly (and unhealthily) self-critical, but I am content with series.  This contentment is primarily rooted in my growing faith (watered heavily during these three weeks) that God’s strength is framed and displayed best in my weakness.

God is the changer of hearts and communicator of truth… not me.  *Sigh*  What a relief.

I still have no idea how to feel after “preaching” or “teaching” or “speaking-on-Sunday.”  The biggest encouragements I have received have come from those within our community who have told me, “I’m in chapter so-and-so in Ezekiel right now.”

If people are actually reading their Bible and glimpsing its dramatic theological history that climaxes in Jesus the Messiah… well, that makes me quite happy.  I’ll call that a good start.

Here are all three sermons.  The first was included in an earlier post but now his partners in crime are present with him.

By the Kebar River // Ezekiel 1-3


The Open Field // Ezekiel 16


In the Valley // Ezekiel 37


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