Firmly Stated Questions

The above video of poet Taylor Mali provides a bit of social commentary on an interesting social phenomenon:

Certainty has become somewhat unhip.

Perhaps this is a symptom of one generation’s subtle rejection of a particular kind of dogmatism that they saw growing up.

Perhaps it’s a sign of a shift in the way we understand and talk about everything as the confidence of the Enlightenment gives way to the ambiguity of postmodernity.

Perhaps this signals how the excessive amounts of information provided by technology and globalization make us aware of the need for nuancing thoughts and wary of offending others unnecessarily.

Perhaps we all just don’t have anything to say.

But I seriously doubt that last one.

Have you noticed this trend? Are you “complicit” in it? Is it necessarily wrong, or might it be the way a new generation thinks? What is worth proclaiming with firmly-worded confidence?

And am I falling into the trap by asking all these questions? šŸ™‚

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