“Resurrection” Video

The day before Easter, a pastor in Grand Rapids named Rob Bell released a video with a simple name: “Resurrection.”  Having preached on the cursing of the fig tree and the temple cleansing only a couple of weeks before, I had a new appreciation for the text which this video was based on.  Beyond that, however, I admired the creativity and artistry, the energy and effort that went into crafting it.

This video is conceptually simple but its power lies in its finely tuned script and its escalating visuals.  I have been reflecting on the power of technology to communicate.  I just checked how many views this video has received, and it is presently closing in on 75,000.  Simply amazing.

And challenging.  Reflecting on technology’s power makes me aware of my own usage of time and technology.  It reminds me that we live in an age of unprecedented information flow.  The platform for communicating any message has gotten bigger as we presently live through the information revolution.  I hope that I can steward my life well and channel my energy into using this (and every) platform for the greatest message of all, namely Jesus’ victory over death and evil at the cross and his kingship over literally the entire universe.

A videos like this inspires me to do just that.

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