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When you become a parent, you’re suddenly confronted with a breathtaking amount of parenting advice. Some of this advice comes unsolicited from friends, family, or

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of the car into an ugly Monday afternoon. The sky outside promised rain; the air inside promised death.

We have a floppy baby. Our 11-month old daughter, Daisy, struggles with generalized low muscle tone or “hypotonia.” This means that her muscles are uncoordinated

2017 was a hard year. It felt like a year of near weekly calamities, large and small. We had a flight-for-life with our second daughter

My friend Jonathan Haefs is the pastor of an amazing church in Birmingham called Shades Valley Community Church. He has recently been getting very disciplined

Over the last few months, I have been learning to pray. That sounds like a pretty basic part of being a Christian, yet it’s amazing