We’re continuing in our series of 1 Samuel—Kingdom and Chaos—and over the last few weeks the volume has been steadily increasing on the “chaos.” Ultimately

It’s week 5 of our series “Encounters with Jesus” and we’re going to be Luke 22 this morning. As you’re turning there… let’s remember who it

Is there anyone in here who always sits through the credits at the end of a movie? When those names start rolling up the screen, most of

When you actually stop and consider the various documents that the Bible is composed of, it’s a little surprising… a little strange. We’re reading someone else’s

When you become a parent, you’re suddenly confronted with a breathtaking amount of parenting advice. Some of this advice comes unsolicited from friends, family, or

A few weeks ago, I stepped out of the car into an ugly Monday afternoon. The sky outside promised rain; the air inside promised death.

We have a floppy baby. Our 11-month old daughter, Daisy, struggles with generalized low muscle tone or “hypotonia.” This means that her muscles are uncoordinated