2017 was a hard year. It felt like a year of near weekly calamities, large and small. We had a flight-for-life with our second daughter

We’re going to be in Luke 4 today. Today is the last Sunday in the season of Epiphany. This Wednesday is Ash Wednesdayand it marks

SPOTLIGHT JESUS 2 of 8 This is the second Sunday in the season called Epiphany.It’s the time of year where we remind ourselvesthat God hasn’t left us in

SPOTLIGHT JESUS 1 of 8 We’ve entered into the season of the year called Epiphany that follows the season of Advent and the feast of Christmas.

MATTHEW 12 of 12 Our last week surveying the gospel according to Matthew. And if it’s our last week in Matthew then it would probably

MATTHEW 11 of 12 Today, we’re in Matthew 27. And the life of Jesus is coming to an end. The teachings of Jesus ended last

MATTHEW 9 of 12 We’re in our ninth of twelve weeks reflecting on the gospel according to Matthew.  During this series, we’ve been trying to

MATTHEW 8 of 12 We’re going to be in Matthew 18 today. This is our eighth of twelve weeks reflecting on the gospel according to Matthew.

MATTHEW 7 of 12 We’ve been studying Matthew for the last six weeks, and we’re going to keep the trend going this week. This is our

MATTHEW 6 of 12 Last week we were in Matthew 14 and saw Jesus doing the impossible. Jesus was doing what only God does; Jesus

MATTHEW 5 of 12 The last few weeks, we’ve said that Matthew is talky-teachy gospel, but today we get a little bit of an action scene.

MATTHEW 4 of 12 We are in our fourth of twelve weeks of exploring the gospel according to Matthew this summer. Matthew is a long book—it’s