Inviting. Emotional. Imaginative. Deep. Easy-to-read.
Finally… an introduction to the Bible with stickmen.

As I was finishing seminary, I began realizing that I couldn’t find an introduction to the Bible that I was enthusiastic about recommending. There are many wonderful introductions to the Bible, sure. But I couldn’t find many aimed at both overviewing for the mind AND also captivating for the soul.  Introducing the scope of Scripture in easy language AND trying to help our hearts see the beauty of God-revealed-in-Jesus as the climax of the story.

Additionally, many biblical introductions are  left-brained—driven graphs and charts which do a great job categorizing and systematizing—and I struggled with recommending them. They might be getting “the facts” or “the theology” right, but their account of the Story has no pulse. A graph has never made me weep for joy… and Jesus has.

So I had the nerve to write an introduction to the Bible myself. Not because I’m an expert—I make no claims on that—but because the God under, above and behind the Bible captivates me like nothing else.

The Bible is Beautiful is an accessible, emotional, imaginative introduction to the Christian story. It takes a little more holistic, right-brained approach that captures the emotion of the big-picture while retaining the significance of the details. I’ve combined over 750 footnotes—what I call “anchors” in the Story—with an overarching stickman picture timeline. I find that a healthy balance of footnotes and stickmen is the most helpful to me personally.

The Bible is Beautiful is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. Also check out The Bible is Beautiful‘s Facebook page for updates and the latest news!